All personal data about members of 3rd Alton Scout Group is controlled by OSM (Online Scout Manager – part of Online Youth Manager Ltd) and The Scout Association UK

Both organisations are entered on the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) Data Protection Register and have a privacy notice/policy outlining how your data is stored and used.


The Scout Association

Data Protection Register No Z5904469      Privacy Notice/Policy 


Online Youth Manager Ltd (For OSM)

Data Protection Register  Privacy Notice/Policy

Both organisations have a privacy notice/policy which outlines how they will store and use your data.


How does 3rd Alton Scout Group protect your data?

In order to protect your personal data only members/or their parents (if member under 16) can enter, amend or delete their personal information held on OSM and processed by 3rd Alton Scout Group.  You can view the information held about you by logging on to OSM at any time. 

Leaders can only add information about scouting programmes, activities and individual members’ achievements.  They are not able to add, amend or delete personal information about you. (Other than Name and DoB when adding you to the system.)


When moving between sections; Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers your personal data will move with you.  Should you move to another Scout Group we will ask your permission (via an online form) to transfer your data to the new scout group on OSM.


Occasionally it will be necessary for Members with appropriate access rights to view or download personal data held on OSM.  This information will only ever be used to support and enable members’ participation in the group’s activities or to safeguard a member of the group.   

Where data is downloaded from OSM (for example to create an emergency contact list for a camp or specific activity) the downloaded data will be destroyed on completion of the activity/purpose for which it was obtained.


Data shared with 3rd Alton Scout group via the “contact us” section of the website is kept only as long as is necessary to process the enquiry. Data shared with us will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party.


Last updated: 18nd Sept 2018