Welcome to the 3rd Alton Scout Group website, 3rd Alton is based in Alton which is part of the Rotherfield district in Hampshire. We hope you have a good time looking through our site at all of the great things our sections get up to. We have 3 strong sections, starting with Beavers (6 to 8 year olds), Cubs (8 to 10 year olds) and the oldest section, Scouts (10 to 14 year olds). After Scouts, a young person can move onto Banderlog Explorer Scouts (or another local Explorer Scout Unit), who also run out of our HQ. More information about Banderlog Explorers can be found on their website

If you would like to know more about 3rd Alton please use the ‘Contact Us’ link above or hit the ‘Join’ button in the top right corner to register.

As an ever-expanding group, we are constantly looking out for Scout leaders or helpers to support the great activities that the group gets up to. If you feel that you are up for a challenge and want to know more please use the ‘Contact Us’ above.

Terry Roberts (Group Scout Leader)

  • Beavers - 6 to 8

    6 to 8

  • Cubs - 8 to 10

    8 to 10

  • Scouts - 10 to 14

    10 to 14

  • Explorers - 14 to 18

    14 to 18