At 3rd Alton we have two Beaver Colonies who meet during school term times to have fun and make friends, while earning badges through completing activities and learning new skills. We usually have between 20-24 Beavers each week aged approx 6-8yrs in each Colony. Beavers are split into smaller groups called “Lodges” and sometimes do team games and activities in their lodge. Kestrel's lodges are Ladybirds (red), Beetles (blue), Grasshoppers (green) and Bumblebees (yellow). Woodside's lodges are named after local woodlands - Ackender (red), Amery (yellow), Hawkins (black) and Chawton (white). Where Lodge Leaders and Uniform Inspectors are nominated, they wear an additional woggle and can earn leadership stripes by taking additional responsibilities.

The Colonies do lots of different activities - indoor and outdoor team games, challenges, arts & crafts, hikes, campfires, sleepovers and camps. We regularly participate in events with other Beaver colonies in the area, such as Skittles, Curling, Highland Games and a Christmas party. All these activities go towards completing a raft of badges. The two Colonies use systems to recognise Beavers' contributions and effort during meetings. Beavers can be awarded lodge points which are collected each term, and there is also a chance to be nominated Beaver of the Week - Beavers get a special certificate for their logbooks. We also have a Beaver mascot which might come home to be looked after until next time!

Beavers are easy to identify in their turquoise tops and numerous badges that they can earn throughout their time in the Colony. After 4 to 5 weeks, new members are invested into Scouting to join the millions worldwide who have taken the Scouting Promise. At this point, Beavers will start their badge collection and will also be given their 3rd Alton scarf and woggle. Beavers have the opportunity to earn their Chief Scouts Bronze Award over the 2 year period they are in the Colony.


At 3rd Alton we have two Colonies who meet on two different evenings:

Kestrel Colony

Wednesday night
17:30 - 18:45

Woodside Colony

Thursday night
17:30 - 18:45